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      Laurel Hill ​Memo​rial Gardens         ​

2000 Pennsylvania Avenue  ~  Saint Louis, Missouri  63133                    

                           Telephone (314) 725-7800                                                   

Laurel Hill Memorial Gardens 

was developed as a lawn park cemetery

to provide a serene park-like setting for families to visit.

Rules and regulations were designed to maintain and preserve this natural setting.

We ask for your assistance by observing these policies.


                                    1)   Unauthorized plantings are not allowed and may be removed without notice.

                                    2)   Flowers are permitted all year round in approved cemetery vases (plastic or metal).

                                          However, we ask you to limit decorations to one (1) per grave during mowing season.

                                    3)  To maintain the best appearance of your lot and cemetery, any decorations that become unsightly

                                          or withered are subject to removal. We hope you understand this is done with due consideration.

                                    4)   Glass bottles, jars, pottery or ceramics are not allowed - due to safety issues.

                                    6)   Temporary markers are not permitted and will be removed.  Cemetery approved wooden crosses

                                           are allowed, but removed at the intervals listed below along with any other decorations.*

                                    5)   Since the cemetery is always open to the public, it is impossible to control the activity of every visitor. 

                                          For this reason, we regret we cannot guarantee or protect decorations from damages or theft.

                                    8)   As a result, bronze vases are no longer permitted on new memorials - due to potential theft.

                                          Pre-existing vases, however, are allowed - as are plastic cemetery vases, which are available at the office.


                                          To avoid any unnecessary expense, all memorials should be approved by the cemetery prior to purchase.

                                          The uniformity of memorials is strictly adhered to in each section (see Memorial Requirements). 



to visitors anytime during daylight hours

Decoration Removal

                                                                                           February ….....…. 1 – 10

                                                                               April …….…........ 24 – 30

                                                                   June ……........….... 5 – 10

                                                                August  …....…..…. 1 – 10

                                                                   November .......… 1 – 10

* If decorations are still in favorable condition, families have the option of retrieving those items

prior to the posted removal date and replacing them after the removal process is completed.